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SDCC Interview: Roundtable with Candice Patton from THE FLASH

Candice Patton talks Iris’ “weird” brush with motherhood and return to journalism in Season 5!

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, The Fandom had the chance to sit down with the cast of The Flash, including Iris West-Allen actress Candice Patton, who teased what’s next for the show after that major Season 4 bombshell.

The Season 4 finale saw the “mystery girl” seen on several occasions busting into the West family party and revealing herself as Barry and Iris’s speedster daughter Nora, who traveled to the past and got herself stuck there. Season 5 will pick up at that same party as the big reveal sinks in and the main cast react.

“We’re going to slowly delve into why she’s back, what kind of ramifications are going to happen because of her time-traveling, and if we need to get her back to the future,” Candice says.

The news is especially a shock for Barry and Iris, but it also confirms a bright moment in their future.

“It’s weird to see your daughter from the future and she’s around the same age as you, but I think Iris is excited to have that relationship with her daughter because it proves to her that her and Barry get their happy ending. They get their family.”

Candice also says that Iris is ready to return to the world of journalism. “I’m interested to see how they work that into the show dynamic since a lot of it is based around Star Labs… but that’s something I’m excited about. I’ve always wanted to see Iris as a working woman doing what she loves.” But don’t worry, the actress says Iris won’t be disappearing from Star Labs in the process.

During SDCC, the cast was in the midst of filming its 100th episode, directed by Harrison Wells actor Tom Cavanagh, who the actress gushed about as a director and a co-star. “It’s been cool to see that we’ve been on the air for this long and it’s still successful and the fans are still tuning in.”

According to Candice, the show is keeping its pulse on family now more than ever.

“This season is all about the family dynamic– what that means, what that looks like, the challenges of that, and how to love one another.”

The Flash Season 5 premieres on The CW on Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

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