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SDCC Interview: Roundtable with Danielle Nicolet from THE FLASH

Danielle Nicolet talks Cecille’s “joyful” powers and balancing motherhood with crime-fighting!

District Attorney Cecille Horton went through a lot in the last season of The Flash, from becoming a mom once again to integrating herself into a team of metahuman heroes, but actress Danielle Nicolet says that after dealing with The Thinker, the team is stronger than ever.

“Team Flash, I think, itself, is also embracing the entire team as a family. We’re gonna fight the fight together. There’s not really going to be any fractures between us, and I think that’s the first time we’re really gonna see that in the show.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean that newborn Jenna isn’t going to pose some challenges.

“In the beginning, the baby is going to play the same role one plays in real life– making two very tired parents who can’t think straight and you know, trip over themselves trying to figure it out,” Danielle says. “But also, Cecille’s supposed to lose her powers once she has the baby. One can become dependent on the ability to read people’s minds and it can become really upsetting when you can’t do that anymore… Babies don’t really tell you what’s going on.”

On top of that, Cecille isn’t giving up her day job or her role in Team Flash, leading to some antics for her and Joe: “Cecille’s going to go back to work. She’s a working woman. Joe and Cecile– essentially, they work in the same building– so I think there’s gonna be a lot of room for comedy and fun in there. You know, ‘Hi, metahumans are trying to kill us all, but someone’s gotta take care of the baby.’

Other than Joe, who will Cecille interact with the most? It seems Danielle is rooting for some time with the new Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh,) whatever he may be like.

“Tom and I both feel the same way … Just because we have so much fun,” says the actress, who noted that the series wasn’t always going for a running back-and-forth between the two characters. “I think originally it was just this one-off since and we had so much fun that it just translated to the producers and to the audience organically and they said ‘Hey, this is really fun. Let’s do more of that.’

Watch the full interview at the top of the post.

The Flash Season 5 premieres on The CW on Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

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