SDCC Interview: Roundtable with Danielle Panabaker from THE FLASH

Danielle Panabaker talks Caitlin’s journey in The Flash season 5!

We discovered last season that Killer Frost has been with Caitlin for a very long time, Danielle Panabaker touches on how that will affect her going forward.

“I’m excited for Caitlin to get to learn a little more about Killer Frost. The sort of reveal toward the end of season 4 that Killer Frost has been a part of Caitlin’s life for a long time is a bit of a bombshell. Not only for us as an audience, but for Caitlin as a character as well. She’s got a lot of questions she needs answers to so I think we’re going to see her on a mission.”

When asked what went through her mind when she read the first script she responded with a glowing review.

“I think it’s an excellent script. I think it’s hopefully going to set up the season really well. Last year they did a great job of teasing the mystery girl over and over again through various episodes and I think they’ve got a great plan this year. And hopefully our 501 sets us up really well.”

It was recently announced that Susan Walters would return as Caitlin’s mother, during her interview Panabaker heavily hinted that we would see her again.

I’m excited to see Caitlin explore more of her history…We’ve only met Caitlin’s mother once So I’m excited to dive a little deeper. I think it’s a logical conclusion that if you have questions about your childhood you’re going to go to your parents.”

The Flash season 5 premieres October 9th on The CW.

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