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SDCC Interview: Roundtable with David Ramsey from ARROW

David Ramsey talks directing an episode of ARROW, his character’s current situation, and who A.R.G.U.S. answers to.  

Arrow’s David Ramsey spent a few minutes with us to talk about the seventh season of Arrow, or at least what he could tell us about the seventh season, which isn’t much, but he did have some tidbits, especially insight to his character’s role now. Plus, Ramsey will be taking on director duties for the eleventh episode in the upcoming season. When asked what his inspiration is for his first time as director, he didn’t hesitate to name fight-coordinator and director James Bamford.

“James is my mentor,” said Ramsey. “I think he really kinda captured the, within the last few seasons, the look of the show. And he’s a maniac. So, I’ve learned a lot from him.” 

The relationship between John and Oliver hasn’t been an easy one, their friendship and loyalty tested, but David tells us what’s to come at the beginning of the season and it seems they’re on the way to mending it, possibly making it stronger.

“Diggle’s visiting Oliver in prison at the beginning. And he’s given him reports. And you [saw] a strong relationship that I think what [was] beginning to kind of reshape itself in the end of season in 6, despite their differences. So, he’s given him a report about what’s happening,” explains Ramsey. “Their trail of Diaz has gone cold at the beginning of the season. And [you will see] the resources that they’re using for A.R.G.U.S., because they can’t play dress-up anymore. So, ARGUS has really become the de facto headquarter type of long-arm that they’re using to track down Diaz.”

As for having his wife, Lyla Michaels, more on the show, that’s a positive, but it also makes sense considering where she works.

“Being married to, effectively Amanda Waller, or at least the woman who has her finger on the pulse of the Suicide Squad, if you will. Part of it also, that we start to explore is who A.R.G.U.S. answers to,” said Ramsey. “They do have bosses, and they can’t run willy-nilly. So, we kind of play with that a little bit, and yeah, you’ll see Lyla. He’s married to the head of A.R.G.U.S., she’s married to a vigilante. It’s a great story.”

Arrow returns for season seven on October 15th on the CW.

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