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SDCC Interview: Roundtable with Grant Gustin from THE FLASH

Grant Gustin talks new family dynamics when The Flash returns for Season 5!

A huge shock was delivered in the season finale when Barry and Iris’s daughter, Nora, showed up from the future. Grant Gustin how both Barry and Iris will handle the news.

“I think at first it’s a little bit of skepticism obviously and apprehension because we’ve had people show up before and say “hey I’m this person’ and then they’re not. But I feel like we’re kind of both, Barry and Iris have a moment where we both just kind of feel like it’s her you know. Like it’s a gut instinct that tells us it’s our daughter. I think Iris is mostly excited that they have this seemingly amazing kid that is here and she’s time travelled to see us. She wants to get to know her and connect with her before we send her back home. I think Barry’s also kind of ‘why is she here, why did she time travel’, I can’t imagine I didn’t tell her she can’t do that kind of thing because I learned the hard way. I think he’s a little worried because he’s always wanted a kid, he’s always wanted a family. He’s had so much of his life kind of dictated and robbed from him by these powers and time travel. That’s why his mom was murdered, that’s why his dad was in prison when he was growing up and now he’s I think a little worried that this could affect the future of their family.”

Gustin goes on to debate whether will act as a father figure to Nora in the upcoming season.

“They’re basically peers, so it’s like a weird dynamic. I think he wants to teach her how to hone her powers because it becomes clear that she doesn’t necessarily understand them and have a hold on them the way Barry does at this point. So he wants to help her, and he wants to help her get back to her time. But he also is trying to figure out kind of what time anomalies have been created by her being here. If we need to fix them before we send her back. So I feel like it’s more like a mentor role and less of a dad role at this point.”

Watch the full interview above.

The Flash season 5 premieres October 9th on The CW.


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