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SDCC Interview: Roundtable with James Bamford from ARROW

Arrow director, James Bamford, talks about what we can expect from Oliver and his team in Season 7.

James Bamford gives us a little tease on the premiere episode, which he is directing this season.

“Now the world knows he’s [Oliver] the Green Arrow. What you’ll see is a lot of having to deal with that and the dynamics in that prison depending on how long he stays in the prison are very very different from the Oliver and the dynamic you’ve seen on the rest of the show previously. So it’s a new element to the show and it’s something, like I said, you haven’t seen before and you’re going to find really interesting. For instance what if Batman went to prison and in the cell next to him the Joker was just chilling. The possibilities are endless so we’re trying to take advantage of the situations that could and would probably arise within that mythology.”

What with Oliver in prison, Bamford addresses what the rest of the team will be up to when the season premieres.

“The rest of the team will be dealing with their lives with Oliver absent and not having a team leader per se. And what the consequences of not only what’s happen when he’s [Oliver] admitted to the world that ‘yes, I am the Green Arrow’ but the consequences that’s had on the rest of the team because they’ve all been outed as well. So you’ll see how the rest of the world has to handle that and how they go on with their lives accordingly. It’s a pretty dark space without Oliver Queen around in his original position. We’re taking the show to new levels of grit right off the bat in the premiere.”

Arrow season 7 premieres October 15th on The CW.

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