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SDCC Interview: Roundtable with Juliana Harkavy from ARROW

Juliana Harkavy discusses her character, Dinah, this season and how she wants her to grow as a character.

First off, Juliana Harkavy goes into how the relationship between her character, Dinah, and Laurel will change in the new season.

“I think that that relationship and that dynamic is evolving in a very cool way. They are still definitely at odds, but there is going tom be a shift there. Some of my favorite writing this season has been the stuff between Dinah and Laurel.”

Dinah hero arc has been very complex and Harkavy talks about where she would like Dinah to go as a hero this season.

“I want her to really find her definition of heroism because it’s changed so much. The seeking vengeance last year, she thought that that was justice and then kind of realized towards the end that maybe that’s not justice. I would love for her to keep embracing that and growing as a person, just evolving as a character. I love her harshness and her darkness and all of that, but I would love it to be a bit nuanced and just have her have more levels as she approaches her vigilanteism and her work.”

She then speaks on how she feels about the team, and with how everything went haywire last season.

“Despite her inclination of wanting to be a loner, do things on her own, and take care of business on her own, having the team gave her family. I think she does want everybody back together and I think she does feel bad and guilty about what happened to Oliver. We’re better as a unit. That’s the other thing about her this season; I really want her to keep understanding the meaning of a team and of a family.”

Arrow season 7 premieres October 15th on The CW.