SDCC Interview: Roundtable with Showrunner Robert Singer from SUPERNATURAL

Robert Singer talks Bobby’s infamy, Jensen as Michael, and the SPN family!

When we headed to SDCC, we had the chance to sit down with the cast and creators of Supernatural, the hit CW show about heaven, hell, and everything in between that’s just started production on its 14th season!

Showrunner Robert Singer chatted about what’s to come on the next season, though he’s not keen to give too much away.

“I think Season 14 is going to be a little less broad in scope and a little more emotional. More personal stories about the guys, personal with what Jack is going through having lost his power; if and when Dean comes back from Michael, what that’s gonna be like with the relationship with Sam.”

Some old favorites are returning to the fold this season, including Bobby Singer, a character named after the man himself.

“I’ve had old friends from New York call me up and say ‘Really? You named a character after yourself? You’ve gone so Hollywood!’ But I didn’t do that, Eric Kripke did that. That character was supposed to be a one-off and done, but we loved Jim and he became, you know, Bobby Singer,” he said before jokingly adding “and it’s been my misfortune to have to deal with that.”

But he did have one delicious tease about his namesake character: “He and Mary start an interesting relationship.”

Season 14 will finally bring to fruition a story line that’s been hinted at for several seasons and while Singer said the writers finally “felt it was time” after a bit of debate, it seems the secret to the show is a bit of spontaneity!

“When we start a season, we really don’t know exactly where that season is gonna end and these cliffhangers– We don’t always know how we’re gonna solve ’em. Which makes it interesting to go back into the writers’ room for a new season.”

The end of Season 13 saw the first bits of Jensen Ackles taking on a new role as Michael, who’s taken over Dean’s body. Singer said that Jensen really commits to the role and working to make it the best it can be.

“Jensen always comes with a performance. He’s very prepared and he knows, in his own head, what he wants to do. That being said, if you give his shadings or say ‘I don’t think that’s quite what we’re going for. How about trying this?’, he’s generally wide open to that.”

“Everyone in our cast is really easy to work with, from a directorial point-of-view. The most you’ll have is a spirited discussion. I’ve been in it for 13 years with these guys, so there’s really a respect built up from them to me and me to them… It’s like family.”

Watch the full interview at the top of the post.

Supernatural returns to The CW for Season 14 on Thursday, October 11, 2018.

Supernatural — “ScoobyNatural” — Image Number: SN1316c_0018.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Dean, Sam and Castiel — Photo: The CW — © 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.


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