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SDCC Interview: Roundtable with Stephen Amell from ARROW

Stephen Amell talks about how Oliver’s prison life and how cool it is to have Batwoman introduced to the Arrowverse during the crossover episode.

Oliver starts out the season in prison and Amell examines what Oliver is going through and how he is handling the situation he has found himself in. He even hints at the possibility of a prison workout scene.

“Oliver is in prison with a bunch of people he put in prison, so it’s not great. We got some people to come back to the show that we haven’t seen in quite some time.”

“The thing that I like about Oliver right now is that in the pilot, there’s nothing about him that’s heroic. It’s kind of the opposite of that. And that, you know, has been really really fun for me to play. Because he’s always the take charge, solve the problem, save people, that’s not what he’s doing in the premiere.”

With the news that Batwoman would be joining the Arrowverse during this season’s crossover episode, Amell gave his thoughts on that particular character showing up and dropped a hint of another unknown character making an appearance.

“I hope it’s great. I’m glad that they’re doing a show. I hope it works out. I hope that David Rapaport nails the casting like he always does. It’s going to be fantastic. Also, I feel there’s a character in the crossover that no one knows about yet, which is also very exciting.”

Arrow season 7 premieres October 15th on The CW.