Sea of Monsters Compendium Releases Image of Percy Jackson



We finally something new from the people behind the Percy Jackson sequel, and it’s a photo of Percy Jackson himself, played by Logan Lerman, holding his trusty sword, Riptide (originally known as Anaklusmos), which was posted on the official Facebook page.

The gods have handed down the Sea of Monsters Compendium, featuring characters, items, monsters and locations from Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters! The first compendium entry is none other than the Son of Poseidon, Perseus Jackson.

Of course, this is hardly anything really new, but it’s something all the same, and we can only hope that 20th Century Fox is going to continue on an upward swing to win the hearts of the fans of this beloved book series.

We’ll keep you updated as much and as soon as we can to bring you all the info and images from Sea of Monsters!

Thanks to Hypable for the tip!

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