Season 5 of GAME OF THRONES to film in Spain

Game of Thrones has been known to go on location and shoot in some of the beautiful places around the world.  Although it had yet to film in Spain.  That’s about to change, because it was announced by James Costo, the US Ambassador to Spain and former HBO executive, that part of the upcoming fifth season of the show will be filmed in southern Spain.

A statement released by HBO and Canal Plus, which broadcasts the show in Spain, followed up the ambassador’s comments, but said no specific sites would be identified until closer to the shoots.

The shoots, which will take place sometime later this year, will be carried out in conjunction with the Andalusia Film Commission, the Seville Film Office and Seville mayor Juan Ignacio Zoido, among other local entities. Peter Welter Soler of Fresco Film Services will provide production services.

Hmm, of course it’s already been speculated that the kingdom of a certain Prince of Dorne may be the reason for this filming in Spain.  Certainly it makes sense, doesn’t it?

via The Hollywood Reporter.

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