Season 9 Opener of DOCTOR WHO Has a Title

We now have a title for the first episode of the upcoming ninth season of Doctor Who: The Magician’s Apprentice.

The Magician’s Apprentice is what it’s called, and there have been speculations in regards to what this episode will be about.  Even showrunner Stephen Moffat isn’t saying much, only teasing the rumor of whether Jenna Coleman will continue on her role as the Doctor’s assistant Clara Oswald.

It’s been noted that the Christmas special will give us more of an idea of Clara’s fate and that this next season would build on “Peter and Jenna. Well, if Jenna’s in it.”  Naturally.

Here’s what else Moffat had to say:

“We took the Doctor/companion relationship to a place that’s much more real, much more damaging and with more consequences. And whoever the companion is, you want to continue that idea. It can be a thrilling, exciting relationship but actually it can be a dangerous one too.”



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