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Sebastian Morgenstern Joining SHADOWHUNTERS in Season 2

It has been confirmed that Sebastian Morgenstern will be coming to SHADOWHUNTERS for season 2!

The second season of Shadowhunters kicks off in January, but until then, the producers and cast have been keeping us tied over with little facts and information from the upcoming season. Yesterday, executive producer, Todd Slavkin, tweeted this message, about fan-favourite character, Sebastian Morgenstern, who will joining the show:

Sebastian, book fans will know, is the main villain in the back-half of the book series. Though he’s not introduced until the third book, City of Glass, the TV show has been pulling from all of the books to create their story, and so it is no surprise that Sebastian will be showing up early. He’ll be introduced in the second half of the season 2, which will have 20 episodes in total.

Slavkin said that he saw some great actors this weekend, so hopefully this addition to the cast will be just as great as all the cast members we have now, especially with such an important role.

Who would you like to play Sebastian? Let us know it the comments!

Shadowhunters returns to Freeform on Monday January 2nd, 2017.


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