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See THE 100 Season 3 Premiere photos

In these new The 100 season 3 premiere photos, we see that Clarke sporting a new red ‘do

The 100 season 3 premiere photos shows not only Clark (Eliza Taylor) looking very grounder-ish with her semi-dread and reddish hairdo, but Murphy (Richard Harmon) in similar hair fashion.  Although I’d say Murphy’s look is not quite as fashion forward and Clarke’s.

Murphy in The 100 season 3 premiere photosKidding aside, the characters of The 100 just don’t look like they’re really done with war.  From what the pictures tell us, it looks like we’ll get a chance to see where everyone is at after the season 2 finale.  It does look some time has passed since then, more specifically three months.

Clarke’s and Murphy’s transformations are probably the most significant of the characters.  We don’t know where Clarke has been, but in the recent trailer and promo, it’s obvious she’s found some other people to hang out with, and also another person to release tension with in a more intimate way?

Not much is said about Murphy’s state of mind, but for both characters, it seems that they do meet up with the rest of the 100 again.  There are still those clamoring for more Bellarke or Clexa, after all.  But there’s more to the story than that, and it doesn’t look like any of the characters are heading for any kind of peaceful unity anytime soon.

Both recurring and new characters will be making their way into the fold in season 3, including Paige Turco, Henry Ian Cusick, Devon Bostick, Isaiah Washington, Jessica Harmon, Brenda Strong, Adina Porter, Marie Avgeropoulos, and Bob Morley.  Keep a lookout for more news on that.

Source: TVLine

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