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See 13 THE WALKING DEAD Characters With Abraham’s Mustache

If you’re a THE WALKING DEAD fan, chances are Abraham’s mustache caught your eye — and MTV has now put said handlebar mustache on 13 different characters.

MTV’s Kat Rosenfield — the same person responsible for putting Rick’s beard on other The Walking Dead characters — has done it again. While the thought of Daryl wearing Abraham’s facial hair hadn’t crossed my mind, this article has certainly made it difficult to forget.

Take a look at how Rick, Daryl and Carl sport the look (Carl certainly grew up fast!):

Have no fear: Jesse, Sasha and Deanna also get a chance with the upper-lip party.

Looking for some double mustache trouble? Check out Abraham and Rosita’s matching facial hair!

The Walking Dead Mustaches

If these haven’t satisfied your The Walking Dead handlebar mustache needs, you can read the full article hereWho do you think wears it best? 


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