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See 3 Clips From SHADOWHUNTERS’ “Parabatai Lost”

SHADOWHUNTERS gets confrontational in three new “Parabatai Lost” scenes!

If you’re pumped for a new episode of Shadowhunters next Monday, Freeform has a few new clips to whet your appetite! This next episode definitely looks to stretch and test relationships as everyone recovers from Clary and Jace’s big escape.

Magnus starts us off by continuing his fierce streak in a confrontation with Jocelyn. It seems Alec still isn’t recovering from the dangerous tracking magic Jocelyn convinced him to perform and Magnus is 100 percent done with this mama’s tricky ways.

Meanwhile, it looks like Clary makes her way back to The Institute and straight into Victor Aldertree’s office. He’s ready for a little interrogation, but Clary isn’t playing along.

Finally, we get our first introduction to The Hunter’s Moon. Jace apparently finds himself stumbling into the bar after escaping from Valentine’s tanker ship. And guess who’s tending bar inside?!

“Parabatai Lost” airs Monday, January 16th on Freeform.

By Kait

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