See ARROW’s Upgraded Lair For Season 4

Team ARROW will enjoy a new hi-tech lair starting in Season 4!

As Team Arrow grows into a massive enterprise missioned with protecting Starling City and beyond, its home base will grow with it! Season 4 of the hit show, based on the popular DC Comics, will introduce a new lair with a little more room for Oliver Queen’s ever-expanding team.

Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how the bigger lair with more individual spaces will benefit Team Arrow as it grows:

“There is an area for Felicity to work, there is an area for Oliver to work out, and there is a garage. There are many different places we’ll continue to discover over the course of the season that give you a sense that this thing is a bit bigger than we got used to in the first three years.”


The writers room for the show refers to the new space as the “Arrow Bunker”, suggesting it’s a little more tech-savvy and stable that its predecessor.

Arrow is currently filming in Toronto and will return to The CW for Season 4 beginning October 7, 2015.

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