See the first official SHADOWHUNTERS poster

Kat McNamara reveals the official Shadowhunters poster

We’ve said many times already how we’re excited for this new series, and got giddy with this new Shadowhunters poster that Kat McNamara posted on her Facebook page, which shows basically all the significant characters in the series.

It’s a pretty cool poster, what with all of them in a state of action, ready to fight whatever is coming at them, and basically showing what their specialties are.  Of course, Simon looks weaponless, but those who know Simon know that he’s not quite harmless, either.

Be warned it won’t be exactly like the book, no matter how much fans want it to be, but I’m excited for it all the same, because it still looks like it’ll have the essence of the books.  Plus, the actors look great as their characters!

Shadowhunters poster

Shadowhunters premieres Tuesday, January 12th! Be prepared!

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