Hogwarts students will get a new look in HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD!

You’ve always been able to tell a Hogwarts student’s house by the colors on their robes. In the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stage play, you’ll also be able to tell their school year based on their robe design!

The official Twitter account of the play tweeted out an image featuring several year-specific robe sets, giving the audience a new way to recognize the ages of characters.

harry potter cursed child hogwarts robes

“Early sketch for the new Hogwarts black robes with added top robes and house hoods, as part of the uniform set. I was looking for a natural visual progression with this new story plus any ways to add individuality within the uniform,” Costume designer Katrina Lindsay said in the tweet.

Snitch Seeker searched the barely readable notes on the sketches and found the production name for most of the the designs.

• Top left: Traditional Cloak
• Top second from left: Hogwarts First Year
• Top third from left: Hogwarts Emoji Robe
• Top fourth from left: Hogwarts Ceremonial Surcote Robe
• Top fourth from right: Ceremonial Surcote Over Hogwarts Robe
• Top third from right: Hogwarts Mid-School Robe
• Top second from right: Hogwarts Sixth Form Robe
• Top right: Sixth Form Robe, Prefect Surcote

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child‘s public previews begin in London’s West End on June 7, with opening night set for July 30.

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