See Some Of Pixar’s Most Creative Easter Eggs

Earlier this week EW posted a list of 29 of the most creative easter eggs in Pixars movies! I spot some of them from time to time but when I do see them, it’s always a fun little surprise. Check out some of the ones that made the list below and then head over to the EW article to see the rest!

Pizza Around the Planet


The Pizza Planet delivery truck made its debut in Toy Story — Pixar’s first theatrical film — when Woody and Buzz hitched a ride in the back seat. Since then, the truck has driven through Finding Nemo’s Sydney, toured Ratatouille’s Paris, cheered on Lightning McQueen in Cars, parked behind a trailer in Monsters, Inc. (above), survived a scan from WALL-E, watched Carl Fredericksen take flight in Up, been memorialized in Brave’s Scottish carvings, and then some. To date, the Pizza Planet truck has made appearances in every Pixar film but The Incredibles.

A Spud’s Life (Toy Story 2)


Mrs. Potato Head reads a picture book featuring the characters of A Bug’s Life, Pixar’s second film. Spot Dot getting “really angry” about something in the corner.

Wall-atouill-e (WALL-E)

18Remy’s scooter is left in the rubble that WALL-E scans.

Two Batteries and Beyond (Toy Story 3)

Buzz runs on batteries from Buy ‘N Large, a major corporation in WALL-E’s time.