See the Final BANE CHRONICLES Cover, And Have a Reason to Buy the Hardcover

We’ve been waiting as long as you have for the final The Bane Chronicles story, The Course of True Love (and First Dates), and we only have one more week to wait! Finally!  So, to hold us over until then, we have the official cover for it:

That’s not the only news we have now.  Maybe you’ve been following along with the stories and have already purchased each one immediately to read on whatever e-reading device you have, and maybe you weren’t planning on actually purchasing the physical copy, because, hey, you’ve already read them all!  But now, it seems, those evil geniuses (we mean the publishers) have given a pretty good reason as to why you might want to actually buy it, aside from having the writers sign your copy:

And now that we’ve (almost) reached the end of the spin-off series by Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson, and Sarah Rees Brennan we can talk about the hardcover release of The Bane Chronicles.  Due Nov. 11, the book will feature the 10 already-released original e-short stories, and will include a never-before-seen 11th tale. The hardcover will also feature 10 illustrated scenes. Are you excited about The Bane Chronicles, Shelf Lifers?

An 11th short story?!?!?  Okay, we’re in.  Take our money!  Just take it all!  We have a feeling that after reading City of Heavenly Fire, we just might want to read more Magnus Bane.