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See The First Images from SUPERNATURAL Season 11

The Supernatural boys are back but bloodied in new photo images from the Season 11 premiere!

TV Line has an exclusive look at five images from the still unnamed starting episode of Season 11, including Sam looking beat down in the middle of a bloody massacre and Castiel looking reeeeaaaaally rough in battle.

It turns out that Crowley will come out of Regina’s attack via Castiel relatively unscathed, but will have some issues of his own when The Darkness comes into play. Executive producer Jeremy Carver says he will be “very much trying to figure out how he is going to navigate this new world where The Darkness threatens just about everything.”

As for Castiel? Well, he’s still in for a wild ride this season, according to Carver!
“Castiel, first and foremost, has to find a way out of this spell that Rowena has cast on him. That’s not as easy as it may sound. Being under the influence of this spell, it’s going to lead him to some pretty uncomfortable situations.”

Supernatural returns on October 7, 2015 on The CW.

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