See The First Season 6 Trailer For THE WALKING DEAD

THE WALKING DEAD is as action-packed and bloody as ever in the Season 6 trailer!

On top of an excellent panel with the stars, Comic-Con brought us one other amazing treat from The Walking Dead: The Season 6 trailer!

The over 4-minute trailer starts with another look at Rick and Morgan reuniting. Soon, it looks like the threat to Alexandria’s safety will be very real as a herd of walkers gather to its walls and walk down that same intersection seen in Rick’s first image. There’s also plenty of battling against the walkers, some staff fighting and gunshots, and Rick Grimes giving one hell of a rally-cry speech meant to intimidate lesser men. It all wraps up with some very mysterious Daryl Dixon footage that could either be a flashback or a new plot line– we just can’t tell!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 11, 2015.

Here’s a few other highlights from today’s panel:

That’s right! Wolves, walkers galore, and a 90-minute premiere. Get your popcorn ready!

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