THE SELECTION author Kiera Cass talks new book THE SIREN

Author Kiera Cass talks about her upcoming book, The Siren, and how it compares to The Selection series

Those who’ve been waiting for author Kiera Cass‘ next book need not wait too much longer.  The Siren, her first book that’s not part of The Selection series, will be hitting book stores in January and in the video below, Kiera explains a little bit about it.

She also explains why fans of The Selection will probably want to dive into this story about a “love story between Kahlen, a girl whose captivating voice is deadly to any human who hears it, and the boy who’s everything she’s ever dreamed of – only he’s human.”

The Siren hits stores on January 26, 2016!

You can pre-order a copy of it today!


The Siren book cover

Source: Epic Reads Blog

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