Severus Snape’s HARRY POTTER Story Told In Chronological Order Will Break Your Heart EVEN MORE

Severus Snape’s story just got a little more tragic.

Recalling the difficult life of Hogwarts potions professor Severus Snape is a heavy task in both book and movie form, but it’s especially rough when placed in chronological order.

YouTuber kcawesome13 made HARRY POTTER’s most tragic story even more heartbreaking by creating a 14-minute video that put the events of Snape’s life and death in order. This one will definitely get you a little teary-eyed.

From his first meeting to Lily Evans to staring into Harry’s eyes– so very close to his mother’s– as he passes, this character had a truly remarkable story!

Will the feels from Snape’s story ever truly pass? We don’t think so!