Barnes & Noble to host Shadowhunter Army Meetups on QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS Release Day

Cassandra Clare will also be posting a snippet each day until the release of QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS.

For those patiently waiting for the release of the final novel of Cassandra Clare‘s The Dark Artifices Trilogy, Queen of Air and Darkness, we have some news that might be of interest, especially if you love to talk all about anything Shadowhunters Chronicles.

It was announced this past weekend that Barnes & Noble will be hosting 10 meetups in 10 different U.S. cities to celebrate the release of Queen of Air and Darkness. Please note that these events are separate from Cassandra Clare’s actual book tour, thus she will not be at any of these events. What will entice fans to go is the free Shadowhunters poster, as well as a chance to win a grand prize of Shadowhunters-themed items, including a Magnus Bane plush, a Shadowhunters tote bag, and a signed copy of Queen of Air and Darkness.

And Cassie also started the countdown to QOAD by announcing she’ll be releasing a snippet a day from the book, starting with this one, which comes from the very first page, which starts immediately where Lord of Shadows ends:

Emma didn’t care what they did to her; she had to get to Julian. He was still on the ground with Livvy in his arms, resisting all efforts by the guards to lift her dead body away from him.

“Let me through,” she said. “I’m his parabatai, let me through.”

If you’re able to, visit one of the B&N meetup spots when Queen of Air and Darkness hits stores December 4th. Or check below to see where Cassie Clare will be signing on the book tour!


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