All in an effort to save Jace and defeat Lilith…

That’s the theme of Shadowhunter’s season three spring finale.This week, TV shows all across networks are having their season finale. Shadowhunters is no exception. In this two hour spring finale, Clary, Isabelle, Alec and Magnus are finally ready to take on Lilith and attempt to free Jace from her grasp. In the promo immediately following last week’s episode, everyone seems to be fighting their own personal battles: Simon’s secret vampire life finally comes to light, Clary’s fight to save Jace, and Alec’s struggle to watch from the sidelines as his boyfriend attempts to drag his father out from Edom.

Here’s the official synopsis for “Familia Ante Omnia”:

Clary faces down an old foe in an attempt to find answers about Lilith’s plan. Alec and Magnus turn to Lorenzo Rey for help, while Lilith finds a new ally. Luke must choose between his pack and his family, as Simon is forced to deal with his past.

And here’s the official synopsis for “Erchomai”:

The team scrambles to find a way to put a stop to Lilith’s plan; Simon makes a heartbreaking choice with Isabelle’s help; Magnus reconnects with a powerful person from his past.

Two clips were later released, both featuring Magnus and Alec in their attempt to save Jace from Lilith. In this first clip, Magnus approaches Alec and Izzy with some answers to their quest in saving their pseudo-brother. It seems that Lilith has Jace trapped in a mental cage and in order to break that cage, the team will have to blast that cage with enough magic to completely eviscerate her presence. Magnus’s words, not mine.

The second clip is also a Magnus and Alec scene, a very heartwarming one might I add. As Magnus and Alec continue their efforts to save Jace, Alec discovers that Magnus plans to enter Edom to persuade his father aka the most powerful prince of hell to help them defeat Lilith.

Alec, naturally, fears for his boyfriend’s life and can’t help but ask him to come back to him. Magnus in turn smiles as he reaches up to assure his boyfriend that he has no plans in disappearing. We don’t see the Malec kiss in this promo but for all you Malec shippers, your Malec kiss is nestled somewhere in the very first promo clip up above.  You welcome.

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