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SHADOWHUNTERS 3.20 “City of Glass” Promo Clip

SHADOWHUNTERS evokes a book series title and starts a fight in penultimate episode preview!

Everybody’s fighting! Well, maybe not everybody, but we’re getting a double dose of action-packed fighting scenes next week on Shadowhunters! The episode would have been the show’s Season 3 finale, if not for the show’s cancellation and the addition of a 2 1/2 hour series finale event to cleanly tie up all the loose ends.

The network certainly packed the :30 promo with every possible showdown scenario you can think of. Here’s what we know will go down in the penultimate episode:

  • It’s kill or be killed with Clary now, and Isabelle is ready for battle
  • Maia and Jordan will make the ultimate life-changing decision
  • Magnus might just join Asmodeus… or will Alec save him first?

Eager to see what’ll happen next week? Be sure to tune in next Monday at 8PM EST on Freeform.

By Shannon

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