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SHADOWHUNTERS 3A Bloopers Part Two Released

In need of a pick me up after perhaps a busy weekend or in anticipation of a long upcoming week? Well you’re in luck.

Freeform released part two of Shadowhunters 3A earlier this weekend and just like the first part, this four minute video is full of laughs.

Ranging from robotic dances to sassy witty remarks, this video has it all. Here’s just a few highlights in case you’re thinking of skipping this golden nugget.

  • ain’t nobody got time for that … oh is that so Isaiah Mustafa?
  • blood, sweat, and tears… are you part of the Army Alberto Rosende?
  • three come in, two come out … dun dun dun

Shadowhunters returns next week on Freeform. Don’t miss it, February 25 at 8pm EST. See you then.

By Shannon

A storyteller at her core, Shannon loves writing about the stories that inspire her everyday. When she’s not busy writing and binge watching TV, you can catch her out exploring the world and trying new foods and activities. “At least try it once. Even if it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll have a good story to tell.”