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SHADOWHUNTERS Shares Hilarious Bloopers From Final Episodes

Shadowhunters may be over, but the behind-the-scenes antics are still coming thanks to some hilarious blooper reels from the 10 final episodes!

The bloopers came in three parts, the first of which is featured at the top of the post and largely focuses on one scene that Matthew Daddario and Dominic Sherwood just can’t get through. It’s not the only scene they can’t get through as once they start getting goofy, it seems these two definitely have trouble keeping it together.

While both videos feature snippets of the majority of the core cast, part two (featured below) focuses a little more on the ladies, including Katherine McNamara having some silly moments and Emeraude Toubia getting her lines all sorts of mixed up.

Where part one was pretty focused on Matthew Daddario, part three seems to focus on Dominic Sherwood, both on the giving and receiving end of some blunders. It also features the cast trying (and kind of failing) to work in spite of some rather obnoxious natural sound effects in the Lilith summoning scene.

Enjoy the laughs!

By Kait

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