SHADOWHUNTERS “Blood Calls to Blood” Recap and Commentary

Find out what happens when Michael Wayland comes back into Jace’s life in this “Blood Calls to Blood” recap and commentary

Surprise!  Michael Wayland is alive, and we get further into that, as well as Alec trying to save his sister from certain exile by dealing with a certain High Warlock in this “Blood Calls to Blood” recap from last week’s Shadowhunters episode.  Let’s get to it!

As always, we return right back where we left off from the previous Shadowhunters episode, in which we see that Jace’s father is still alive.  Michael Wayland comes out of the cage and he and Jace hug.


Michael says he’s been there for 10 years. Valentine had taken off and took Jocelyn with him. Jace is still injured, and Michael proves to him he’s his father by telling him they first fought against demons together, when Jace was 8 years old.

Isabelle is still under Institute arrest and Alec wants to get Isabelle out of there. He says Lydia wants to help, but Izzy doesn’t believe it, saying that everyone has a choice. Alec begs Izzy to allow him to help her.

What a sweet moment between the siblings.  Alec is always so serious, but he still loves his family, especially Isabelle, and it shows in this scene.

Luke tries to help Simon learn how to control himself, when Jace, Clary, and Michael arrive at the Jade Wolf, with Jace injured from the demon sting. Luke is astonished about Michael still being alive.  Jace’s rune is weak but he can’t go to the Institute to be healed, so Clary takes off with Simon to get blood for a transfusion.

Clary and Simon are at the Hotel Dumort, in need of human blood, but Raphael doesn’t want to help. Simon brings Raphael aside to tell him about Camille draining a couple of humans-turned-subjugates. Simon blackmails Raphael to get the blood by threatening to implicate him in with Camille, so he agrees.  Raphael, impressed with Simon, has appointed Simon his advisor, and thus must stay at the Hotel.


Duped!  Well, darn if Simon didn’t just lose his best gig.  

Inquisitor Imogen Herondale arrives unexpectedly fast, not even allowing Alec to form a plan to delay Isabelle’s trial. The inquisitor isn’t thrilled about Lydia’s engagement, as it could impede the trial, and says that the trial will be held that night.


This woman.  No one has been this hardassed on the show, until now.  Mimi Kuzyk was excellent as the Inquisitor Herondale.  Would love to see her brandish a seraph blade!

The transfusion worked, of course. Michael admits he knew Jocelyn was pregnant when she fled. He says that Valentine would’ve loved her, too, if Jocelyn stayed. Clary is suspicious of Michael, and she finds out that Jace’s story about the boy and the falcon was him and wonders about Michael.
Clary says she found something she didn’t know she was looking for when she was in the alternate dimension. Aaand, they kiss passionately.


Ahh, love! So sweet and passionate!

Michael, Luke, Jace, and Clary try to figure out how to find Valentine when Michael says that Valentine injected him with Downworlder blood, which enhanced his hearing and vision.  He was able to eavesdrop on Valentine’s conversation, and finds out about an abandoned hospital called Renwick’s, which may be where Valentine is.

Izzy is under threat of exile. Alec decides to visit Magnus to ask for his help. Magnus is not pleased with Alec’s upcoming nuptials. Alec tells him that Izzy wants Magnus to be her advocate, and Magnus would do it, but only for a price. Magnus first suggests Alec himself as a price, but Alec asks for another option and Magnus says he wants Alec’s bow and quiver, which Alec agrees to.


Oh Magnus, you delight me so.  I love Harry’s ability to bring out the charm and humor of Magnus in everything he says.  

Clary and Luke go check out Renwick’s while Jace and Michael stay behind at the Jade Wolf so Jace can continue healing.  Clary and Luke find Renwick’s is filled with demons and on their way out, she tells Luke that she’s suspicious about Michael.

While training with Michael, Jace reveals his parabatai bond is weakened and that Clary has the Cup. Michael seems to be trying to suggest that Jace shouldn’t be with Clary, that it weakens him.

Did warning signals go off in your head, too?  

At the trial, Magnus pleads his case for Izzy, giving the court valid points for explaining what she did, including trying to prevent a Seelie backlash if Meliorn were to be executed.  The Inquisitor is not impressed.

Clary and Luke meet back with Jace and Michael, and Clary suggests using the Cup to control the demons and have them attack Valentine.  Michael seems wary of the idea.

At the trial, Izzy makes her stand, and talks about how Shadowhunters treat Downworlders very unfairly.

At the entrance of Renwicks, Michael, Jace, and Luke battle Circle members while Clary sneaks into Renwicks. Luke stays outside to battle more Circle members while Jace and Michael go find Clary inside. Clary has found her mom, but she’s still encased in her bubble.


Luke stays outside to fight the baddies while Jace and Michael follow after Clary, in the same room where Jocelyn is.

Magnus calls Lydia to the stand, and asks why Lydia is prosecuting this case. She says the law is hard, but she doesn’t agree with this, and withdraws the charges against Isabelle.  But the Inquisitor has the last word and says that if they don’t get the Cup within 24 hours, Isabelle will be stripped of her runes.

It seems that Lydia really does understand more than the Law and the Law being hard and all that crap.  Maybe Alec really should marr—nope.  Nevermind.  

Clary uses the Cup to order the demons to kill Valentine, but the demons are still trying to get in. Michael suggests to give him the Cup and she does so.  With the Cup in hand, Michael reveals himself to be Valentine, but unfortunately for him, Clary’s suspicions served her well since she gave Valentine a fake Cup.  Jace is about to attack when Valentine reveals he’s always been the one that Jace was raised by, and that Valentine is the father to both, making Jace and Clary brother and sister. He escapes from them through a Portal, leaving Jace and Clary devastated. Luke is finally able to enter the room, eyes only for Jocelyn in her bubble, ready to take her home.


Shocker!  I am truly shocked!  I mean, who would’ve thought!  Such deceit!  Such vexing information!  But really, that sucks!    

Jocelyn is now at the Institute. Jace confronts Alec about the parabatai bond, but Alec is also angry at Jace for risking Izzy’s life. Jace admits to being weak like Alec said.

Jace and Clary talk about Valentine and how she knew something was wrong.  She also knew that if she told Jace, he probably wouldn’t have believed her.

Alec tells Izzy, with Magnus there, that she’s free since Jace and Clary came back with the Cup.


Magnus and Alec go settle the payment, and Magnus uses this time to let Alec know that he doesn’t have to marry Lydia, and gives the bow and quiver back.  He obviously didn’t care about a payment.

Awww… I loved Harry’s reaction here as well, as he realizes what he wants is not the bow and quiver in his hand, but the one who owns it, fearing he may never get him. 

Luke and Simon are at the Jade Wolf rehashing what happened at Renwick’s.  Luke admits he didn’t see anything but Jocelyn when he finally went in the room, acknowledging his love for her. Simon is despondent about his lack of love since Clary is apparently with Jace, but then Luke tells Simon that Jace and Clary are actually brother and sister. Simon is practically giddy with hope.


Oh Simon, you silly giddy vampire boy.  

At the Institute, we see Jace looking very alone and despondent.  Clary is at his doorway, about to talk to him, but thinks better of it and leaves before Jace even sees her.

And might I say this was an excellent way to mixing it up from the books yet bringing this huge detail of the storyline into the TV series.  I loved Dominic’s brokenhearted face in this episode.  It’s nice to see Jace showing his emotions, even if they are sad ones. 

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