SHADOWHUNTERS cast describe the series, plus meet Magnus Bane

The Shadowhunters cast attempts to describe the series in three words, plus we get to meet Magnus Bane

It seems easy enough to describe a show that you’re on using only three words. Well, at least we think it should be easy enough to do so, but maybe it’s just hard to use only three words to describe how much you want people to see your show. In this Shadowhunters video, the cast attempts to do just that. And after the jump, watch a second video where we meet Magnus Bane.

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Yeah, no matter which words they choose, we’ll still watch.

Not that we needed any encouraging on this front, considering he’s one of our favorites characters in the Shadowhunter Chronicles, here’s Harry Shum, Jr. talking about his character in this “Meet Magnus Bane” featurette.

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Source: MTV

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