SHADOWHUNTERS Cast Talks Adapting The Books And The Magic Of Magnus

Magnus struts and adaptations are discussed in new SHADOWHUNTERS videos!

There’s a lot that goes into crafting a major series like Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments for television, so the cast of SHADOWHUNTERS sat down with MTV to discuss the show’s version of the story and one of its most beloved characters!

First off, the cast is giving fans some real talk. They say the show won’t be exactly like the books, but there’s still plenty of great moments to look forward to so fans have to give em a chance before passing judgment. After all, there are many popular movies and shows that are actually nothing like their source material.

We’re also digging into the best-named character out there with an outstanding personality to boot, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane! From the looks of it, actor Harry Shum Jr is having a lot of fun with the role.

“There’s something lovely about shedding glitter wherever you go.” Gah! We love him.