SHADOWHUNTERS Cast work their shadow puppet skills

Some Shadowhunters have better shadow puppet skills than other Shadowhunters

No one can argue that Shadowhunters have excellent fighting skills, but the same can’t be said about their so-so shadow puppet skills, or maybe lack thereof.

In this fun and funny video, the cast of Shadowhunters are asked to display their ability in the art of shadow puppetry. And although some perform as capably as one can expect, others are all thumbs and such.  Watch as Matthew Daddario, Harry Shum Jr., Emeraude Toubia, Alberto Rosende, Kat McNamara, Isaiah Mustafa, and Dominic Sherwood create…  stuff.

They are so adorable in their attempt at such nonsense, we love it, despite the fact that we can’t understand how they think what they’re making is an actual snail.  But we’ll give them an ‘A’ for effort!

Watch out for more goodies from this cast as we get closer and closer to the premiere, which is January 12, 2016.

Source: TVLine

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