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SHADOWHUNTERS Sneak Peek from “Day of Wrath” teases Magnus and Alec date

In this SHADOWHUNTERS clip, it looks like Alec is ready to take the next step and go on that first date with Magnus!

In this sneak peek of next week’s episode of Shadowhunters, titled “Day of Wrath,” we take a break from Jace’s dire situation under the imprisonment of the Clave and switch it up to something a little lighter. Despite the fact that Jace has been arrested, at least he’s closer to his family and Alec can rest easy a bit.

That brings us to back to the question of will Alec and Magnus go on that first date they mentioned last season. Let’s find out in this clip:

Well, at least we know it hasn’t been forgotten. And sure, we got to see Magnus kiss Alec in the last episode, but does that really count since Alec wasn’t actually quite conscious for it? I say we gotta see this date in action soon. Whether it be at a Marrakesh restaurant in NYC or at a restaurant in Marrakesh, it really doesn’t matter.

Not only that, but it’s such a cute moment, knowing that they’re both pretty strong, confident characters and yet they seem a little awkward at the whole dating thing.

Shadowhunters airs Mondays at 8pm on Freeform.


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