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SHADOWHUNTERS Clips and Photos for “Thy Soul Instructed”

Magnus joins the hunt for The Owl and Simon has a surprise visitor in new SHADOWHUNTERS scenes!

Two new clips from Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 4, “Thy Soul Instructed,” are showing two very different quests in the works.

First, Alec is sullen as The Owl continues to lead to more and more mundane deaths around New York City, and possessed detainee Morgan isn’t giving The Institute any answers. Thankfully, his “overeager warlock boyfriend” is ready to do what he can to ease Alec’s struggles and find clues in a super sweet scene.

Next up, things get a little more creepy as Heidi, the recently escaped vampire who was being held captive by Raphael, is seen giddily rummaging through Simon’s boathouse. She seems to think Simon is her sire, even though we discovered in Season 2 that another vampire named Quinn turned her. She’s clearly obsessed with him and seemingly taking on the Maureen storyline from the books (which we are totally here for!) But her revelry is harshly interrupted by Raphael.

The video finishes with another look at the full episode promo, which tells us that Raphael’s attempts to stop Heidi won’t go too well.

There are also a whopping 46 photos from this episode available, including a chat between Isabelle, Clary, and Raphael, Simon meeting Jordan, and Jace having a vulnerable moment with Clary.

“Thy Soul Instructed”
airs Tuesday, April 10th on Freeform.

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