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SHADOWHUNTERS Clips: Simon Discovers Bleeder Dens, Sebastian Reunites With A Family Member

Meet Aline and the dark underbelly of the vampire world in new SHADOWHUNTERS sneak peeks!

We’ve already seen two clips from tomorrow’s episode of Shadowhunters, “A Problem of Memory”, but thanks to the extra weeklong holiday break between episodes, fans of the show are being treated to two more clips from Freeform.

In the first clip, Simon finds himself in the company of a new vampire friend who introduces him to bleeder dens: A part strip club, part drug den hybrid in which humans willingly allow vampires to feed off of them for the high. It’s a concept that’s been used in media featuring vampires over the years, but not all vampires are awkward, morally-driven Simon Lewis. He’s heartbroken and lost, but could he ever bring himself to feed on humans, even if they’re willing?

The next clip introduces a new character, Aline Penhallow, played by Eileen Li. Aline is an old friend of the Lightwoods, but she’s not in New York just for a casual visit. She’s in the city to track down her estranged cousin: None other than Sebastian Verlac!

Could this new family tie bring up some dark truths about Sebastian?

“A Problem of Memory”
airs tomorrow on Freeform.

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