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SHADOWHUNTERS Releases Three Deleted Season 3 Scenes

Get new glimpses of Clary, Isabelle, and Alec in these deleted scenes!

Shadowhunters amped up their teasers this December in celebration of the holidays and in the past week, that’s meant a lot of deleted scenes from the first half of the third season. These short scenes all connect to a major plot line featured, but they don’t necessarily add anything to them. That said, they’re still a lot of fun to watch!

The first scene features Clary being interrogated by Shadowhunter Consul Jia Pennhallow, who believes that she murdered Imogen Herondale. Audiences already saw a possessed Jace commit the crime, but that isn’t going to stop Jia from convicting Clary. Watch the deleted scene at the top of the post.

In the second clip, Izzy uses her charms (and impressive sword reconstruction skills) to win over Lorenzo Rey as an ally of The New York Institute. Unfortunately, Lorenzo is a little more slippery than even Isabelle’s charms can overcome and he’ll prove to be a lot more trouble than everyone expected.

The third deleted scene finds Maryse hanging out in Alec’s office, despite being excommunicated by The Clave. She immediately senses her son’s distress for Clary’s arrest and the recent greater demon attacks, but it’s not until an outside message comes in that she realizes Alec is part of a plot to bust Clary out of prison.

Shadowhunters is set to begin airing its final episodes on February 25, 2019 after the show was cancelled back in June, much to the surprise and outrage of many fans. These episodes, called “The Final Hunt”, will end with a 2-hour series finale event. Watch the first trailer for Season 3B here.

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