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SHADOWHUNTERS “Dust And Shadows” Clips and Featurette

Alec, Magnus, and Clary long for redemption, Simon plays it cool in new SHADOWHUNTERS clips!

Shadowhunters is showing off tough recoveries and an odd but happy reunion in three new clips from Episode 5, “Dust and Shadows”!

Warning: Spoilers for Episode 4!

The first clip from next week features everyone’s favorite couple, Malec. Individually, the two have been going through some tough times: Alec is riddled with guilt after killing Jocelyn while possessed by a demon and Magnus just had to sell out his ex, Camille, to The Clave. Now, they’re coming together to work through their problems.

Meanwhile, Clary is having some fanciful notions that audiences definitely expected after the death of her mother, Jocelyn, in last week’s episode. She talks about her plans with Jace, who’s quick to warn her that things could definitely go wrong.

A third clip finally introduces us to Simon’s beloved older sister, Rebecca, who has been away at college during recent events. She doesn’t really understand why Simon won’t go near his window and has a seriously gross stash in a container by his bed, which looks like it will quickly lead to problems for the young vampire.

We’re also seeing a new featurette that focuses on the big Season 2 theme: People coming together from all walks of life to question authority and fight against tyranny.

“Dust and Shadows” airs tomorrow on Freeform.

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