SHADOWHUNTERS Episode 1×05 – “Moo Shu to Go” recap and review

In the Shadowhunters fifth episode of the season, “Moo Shu to Go,” we meet Maryse Lightwood, Alec and Izzy’s mom, Magnus calls Alec, Simon is changing, and Luke takes initiative

Moo Shu to Go recap

In this week’s Shadowhunters episode, we start off “Moo Shu to Go” where “Raising Hell” left off, with Clary telling Jace about Valentine contacting her through the necklace. He tells her it’s a portal shard, which is why Jocelyn had her wear it. Clary knows her mother is alive, but doesn’t know where they’re hiding.  Alec takes the necklace and locks it up for safekeeping.

Maryse Lightwood, Alec and Izzy’s mother, arrives at the Institute. She meets Clary for the first time, telling her she looks like her mom. She’s somewhat standoffish and brushes past Izzy and Clary without so much as a smile to look for Jace.

Shadowhunters | "Moo Shu to Go" | Maryse Lightwood enters

Clary notices that Jace hugs Maryse, which she accepts happily, much to Izzy’s chagrin. Alec hugs her as well, but she’s less comforting with him. She tells them the Seelies have stopped communicating with the Clave and they don’t know why.

She orders Izzy and Jace to contact Meliorn and find out what’s going on with them, and orders Alec to watch over Clary, saying that she’s caused enough trouble. Clary is indignant, and Alec tries to push his mother to let him go instead of Jace, to no avail. Clary doesn’t understand why she’s so upset, but Alec is pretty sure it’s because of all the unsanctioned missions they had done for her benefit.

At the police station, Luke is still working on the demonic murder case, writing up false confssions to cover the Shadow World. But psychiatric reports on the victims show they had the Sight and were claiming to have seen demons, vampires, werewolves. Luke suggests that Valentine’s been experimenting and probably trying to raise an army to get the Cup. Luke asks for Alaric to find Clary.

Alec apologizes to Jace for having an image of Jace at Magnus’. Jace doesn’t think anything of it. He just wants to Alec to keep Clary safe.


Simon, still at the front of Hotel DuMort, runs off when Raphael suddenly appears, scaring him away.

While Alec is training Clary, she’s trying to convince him to help her and find Valentine and stop him. She tells him about a box that she saw her mother open annually and cried about, saying it was because it belonged to her father, with the initials “JC” on it. She assumes it’s the name Jonathan Clark, which her mother said was her father’s name. She wants Alec to help her get it at the loft, but Alec tells her not without permission from the Clave.

Magnus calls Alec at that moment to ask him out for coffee. He doesn’t say no, however, Clary leaves while he’s distracted, so he has to go after her now and tells Magnus he’ll get back to him later.


Alaric goes to the Jade House and meets with the other pack members. Alaric gives the picture of Clary to the leader, Theo, and orders them to find her.

Alec catches up with her at the Brooklyn Academy while she’s on the phone with Simon telling him what’s happened.

She confronts Alec about his feelings for Jace, and tells him he’ll feel better if he admits it. He doesn’t deny it, only says that she’s in love with him, but she knows he’s deflecting. She’s insistent on him going with her to meet up with Simon and he reluctantly follows.

Valentine has several mundanes in his lair and offers them a life as an angel, having them take his Circle mark and injecting them with Seelie blood, saying that if they live, they’ll live with the glory of Angels.

Simon looks sickly, but jumps easily over walls and fences as they go to Clary’s loft. Clary notices the runes around the loft for the first time, and Simon sees it, too, and Alec questions him about it. Simon easily breaks the door open and they find the place burned. They discover the box under the floorboard.  Alec hears something and goes out to investigate, but Alec finds out too late that it was a distraction, and Alaric and his pack are able to take Simon and Clary.


Jace and Izzy go to Meliorn’s place and discover the Seelies are in mourning because of the scouts that died trying to find out what Valentine was up to. They don’t trust the Shadowhunters to protect them and don’t believe they will win against Valentine and are prepared to stand down in case Valentine wins.

Jace and Izzy meet up with Alec at Clary’s loft. Jace is upset with Alec, and when they try to track Clary, they can’t do it.

Alaric and Theo take Simon and Clary to the Jade Wolf to question them about the Mortal Cup. They threaten to kill Simon, so she tells them it’s in the loft under the floorboards to buy some time. Simon, in another room, breaks out of his handcuffs and is able to contact Jace, Izzy, and Alec and tell them where they’re at.

Simon sets up a distraction to stall for more time while Jace, Izzy, and Alec try to get there. Theo locks her in one of the storage units on the pier, and although Clary creates a rune to start a fire, it’s Luke that opens the door and tries to take her somewhere safe. Jace catches Luke unawares and knocks him out, and Clary leaves with them. Izzy breaks Simon out of the room he’s in.

As Theo, in wolf form, is about to attack them, Luke, also in wolf form, kills him, making Luke the alpha of the pack. But he’s badly injured.  Alec wants them to leave Downworlder business to the wolves, but Clary isn’t leaving Luke’s and Jace isn’t leaving Clary’s side.  He tells Alec he’s fine without them, basically. He comforts Clary, saying they have to take him to Magnus. As they leave, Izzy asks Alec if they (he and Jace) are okay, but he doesn’t know.



Moo Shu to Go review

You’re probably thinking this is going to be another glowing review, but no.  I’m not denying there are flaws in the series, and that hopefully these will be rectified in season 2… if we make it to season 2 (I’m all for it).  I mean, I hated the first season of The 100, but season 2 and beyond have been stellar for that show.  However, let me know be distracted.

I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as “Raising Hell,” but there were some good things about it.  One of them was Simon’s transition.  Us fans of the books see it coming, but of course, Simon’s not quite grasping the changes in him as anything out of the ordinary.  Alberto Rosende does his character well enough when he’s going through the changes, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he does when he finally becomes a child of the night.

And there was that really sweet but short moment where Magnus calls Alec for a datesy.  Too short, but it’s just as well since Alec has other pressing matters to deal with.

One of them being Clary, as she continues to be a constantly more irritating persona in his life (and if I’m being honest, in mine, too).  I understand her need to find her mother, to save her from the clutches of the overreacting and heartless Valentine.  I do.  However, her grating attitude towards Alec and the Shadowhunters in general isn’t winning her any brownie points.  Her willingness to go it alone is admirable, but at the same time, I’m seriously thinking in my head that maybe she should go it alone if she’s going to drive the ones that could help her insane.  It’s amazing that Alec really has as much emotional control over himself to not let Clary affect him as much as she would me.

The other matter is that of his relationship with Jace.  Actor Matthew Daddario does a pretty excellent job of presenting the stoicism and constant emotional confusion that plagues his character with just the look in his eyes and subtle facial ticks that give it away.

With those two actors, it made the episode better than it was.  The introduction of Maryse Lightwood was interesting as Nicola Correia-Damude does a decent enough job of playing the strict matriarch of clan Lightwood.  The character in the series is not the same as the one in the book, but again, I don’t think of it as good or bad, just different.  

In this, we also get to see the wolf pack, which unfortunately, doesn’t seem all that interesting.  At least not yet.  We’ll see how it goes now that Luke is the alpha and how much his pack plays into the season.

Overall, this episode seemed more of a prologue to future things to come.

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