SHADOWHUNTERS Episode 3007 Recap – “Salt in the Wound”

There are a lot of wounds revealed in this SHADOWHUNTERS episode titled “Salt in the Wound,” especially how Maia became a werewolf.

Clary (Katherine McNamara) catches up with Jace (Dominic Sherwood) on the roof of a building. They battle it out, but Jace is obviously the better of the two Shadowhunters, and he throws her off the roof when he tells her he doesn’t love her anymore. She lands back first on the top of a car.

Simon (Alberto Rosende) and Kyle (Chai Hansen) are at their apartment when Maia (Alisha Wainwright) arrives. When she sees Kyle sitting there, it’s obvious she knows him, and he her. We find Kyle is actually Jordan Kyle, Maia’s former boyfriend and the one who turned her. Maia leaves, then Simon follows, warning Jordan to stay away from both of them. But before Simon can catch up with her, he gets a call…

Although Clary is injured, she is able to call Simon for help to get her back to the Institute to heal her. Once healed, she and the others, including Magnus (Harry Shum, Jr.), try to figure out what to do about Jace. But it’s not so easy now that they know who they’re dealing with – Lilth (Anna Hopkins) the Queen of Edom, Adam’s first wife.

Clary finally admits to the group about Clary’s wish to Raziel to resurrect him. She also tells them about Ithuriel being killed. Alec (Matthew Daddario), instead of sending Clary to be punished, hugs her, telling her he would’ve done the same thing.

Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) calls Ollie’s girlfriend, Sam (Tara Joshi), to tell her to hide, afraid that Ollie will go after her as her sacrifice to Lilith, but we see Ollie in front of Lilith, saying that she sacrificed her mother. Lilith gets her 33 victims for part of Jonathan’s resurrection.

The group has a plan that involves getting a device that can capture and hold greater demons – the Malachi configuration – but they’d need the help of Jace’s grandmother, the Inquisitor, Imogen Herondale (Mimi Kuzyk).

Magnus leaves to find a cure for Jace, but before he is out of the Institute, Alec catches up with him. Magnus feels guilty for giving that elixir to Lilith, though Alec doesn’t blame him, and apologizes for their fight. They hug and make up. We later see that Magnus struggles to find a cure for Jace.

Maia is at the Jade Wolf, where Simon finds her, apologizing to her about Jordan, but she just wants to be alone. When he leaves, we get a flashback to when Maia and Jordan first met, on a beach.

Lilith orders Jace to go to Alicante to go to the cemetary of the disgraced to get the flesh of Jonathan’s father, Valentine Morgenstern.

At Alicante, Clary, Izzy (Emeraude Toubia), and Alec explain what has happened to Jace, but they don’t tell her about his resurrection. They request the Malachi configuration.

Another Jordan/Maia flashback at the beach, this time they are clearly dating and making plans to go travel, possibly move to a tropical island. They declare their love for each other in this scene. After the flashback, Jordan calls to his superior in the Praetor Lupus and requests to be taken off Simon’s case.

As Imogen walks with Clary, Izzy, and Alec to get the Malachi configuration, they are interrupted by the one person they were hoping to keep this from, Consul Jia Penhallow (Francoise Yip), Imogen’s superior. Penhallow offers her time to join them to the armory on their “tour,” but Alec requests to speak to her privately for a few minutes, distracting her from joining the group.

The third flashback, Jordan has already been attacked but he doesn’t yet realize what it was that really attacked him. He tells Maia the scar on his chest will heal, assuring her he’ll be okay, but when Maia tells him that she got accepted into Rutgers on a full scholarship, Jordan doesn’t take it well, suddenly yelling at her for abandoning their dream. After the flashback, Maia leaves the Jade Wolf to deal with Jordan.

Alec, Izzy, and Clary successfully take off with the Malachi configuration. However, they don’t realize that Jace is there in Imogen’s office. He stabs her, cutting off her thumb while she dies. When he leaves, Imogen is able to send a final fire message to…

…Alec, and they head to the cemetery. The three deal with Jace and trap him in the Malachi configuration, but Clary portals Jace, Alec, and Izzy to Magnus’ place when other Shadowhunters go in search of them, likely after finding Imogen dead.

Luke and Simon find Lilith’s sacrificial tablet but they confronted with Lilith’s possessed followers. Two of them try to attack Simon, but are decimated by Simon’s Mark, which does not make for a happy Lilith.

The fourth flashback shows Jordan and Maia already broken up, likely due to his angry outbursts and jealousy. She tells him to stay away, but later that night we see that he had attacked her, then ran, leaving Maia on the ground, with no one to help her.

Maia confronts him about it, telling him she was more angry that he took off afterwards and never came back. When he tells her that he’s leaving Simon’s case as a way of appeasing her, she orders him not to abandon Simon like he did to her, but it doesn’t mean she’ll forgive him for his past mistake.

Clary gets sent to Shadowhunter jail in Alicante, which is much dingier than the one at the Institute.

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