SHADOWHUNTERS Episode 9 Promo And Clips – ‘Rise Up’

SHADOWHUNTERS must ‘Rise Up’ after Valentine’s attack in new previews!

Episode 8 of Shadowhunters proved to be tough one for the teens of the New York Institute. On top of Simon dying and ressurecting as a vampire and Alec proposing to Lydia against his true feelings to keep his family from losing the Institute, there was also a vicious attack on the Institute by one of Valentine’s Forsaken.

Now, the group must face the fallout from those incidents on Episode 9, ‘Rise Up’!

There are also two new clips from the episode!

Isabelle is butting his with her brother’s new fiancee, Lydia Branwell, after the latter suggests that Isabelle may have accidentally given Valentine the key to attacking the Institute.

With his parabatai injured in an attack on the New York Institute, Jace is in a rush to get to safety and protect his family, but Clary can only think of Simon after his vampire transformation. The two begin to make their plans, but then another important question comes up…

Yes, what about Clace?!

‘Rise Up’ airs Tuesday, March 8th on Freeform.

Official Synopsis:

After the attack, the Institute and The Clave are on high alert and taking no prisoners to get answers. When Lydia makes a harsh call on the Seelies, Jace, Clary and Isabelle fear that this decision could be disastrous and the wrong way to defeat Valentine. Left with no other choice, the trio takes drastic actions to stop what is about to take place.

Meanwhile, Simon struggles to deal with his new situation, and Alec is emotionally torn with what is happening at the Institute.

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