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SHADOWHUNTERS Episode 3003 Recap – “What Lies Beneath”

This is just the beginning of what looks to be a darker season for SHADOWHUNTERS as not-so-cool things are revealed. 

Warning: This is a recap of Shadowhunters episode 3003 titled “What Lies Beneath,” so we reveal all the spoilers.

A young woman, who we later find out is named Morgan Young (Genevieve Kang), walks alone at night in a secluded neighborhood with no one else in sight, until…surprise! She is followed by a dark mysterious figure, who we know as The Owl, a servant of Lilith. We think it’s the end of poor Morgan, but not so fast. She actually is able to fight him off with mace and is able to escape.

This is just the latest of events that the Shadowhunters are dealing with and Jace (Dominic Sherwood) is awake late at night trying to watch the surveillance footage of the event. Unfortunately, he’s not in the best state of mind as we know from previous episodes, and hallucinates that Jonathan (Will Tudor) is there and attacking him. Clary (Katherine McNamara), who finds him alone there, is obviously worried about him, but he’s determined to get The Owl, who he believes is really Jonathan.

Simon (Alberto Rosende), Luke (Isaiah Mustafa), and Maia (Alisha Wainwright) are on their own mission, trying to figure out what Simon involuntarily did after Russell and some of the other pack members tried to attack him in the previous episode. Maia explains about the Mark that appeared on his forehead when he was attacked, which Simon realizes must’ve been something that the Seelie Queen did to him. Throughout the episode, they try to figure out what the Mark is, but can find no answer.

When Luke confronts Russell (Noah Danby) about it, Russell reminds him that Luke is supposed to protect the pack first.

Maryse Lightwood (Nicola Correia-Damude) notifies Alec (Matthew Daddario) and Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) that she’s going to drop by and would like to have dinner with them and Jace. But this causes some concern as to where to have the dinner since Maryse isn’t really welcomed any longer in the Institute, so Magnus (Harry Shum, Jr.) offers his place. Though he doesn’t plan on being there himself, they invite him to join the family dinner, which he agrees to.

Raphael (David Castro) is taking a walk with his younger but very aged sister, Rosa (Rosalba Martinni). They share a moment, although she doesn’t remember much as she has Alzheimer’s, before he gets a call from Joshua (Josh Horvath), a fellow Dumort vampire. When he goes back to the Hotel Dumort, a newborn vampire who doesn’t seem to be adjusting well to the change tries to convince Raphael that it’s time for her to meet her sire, but when she tries to leave, he is able to stop her.

When Clary tries to reason with Jace about The Owl not being Jonathan, Jace finally confesses that he’s been having dreams about Jonathan ever since he was resurrected. She tries to reason with him, saying they’re only dreams, but Jace doesn’t. He wants them to go to Morgan’s fundraiser event, which happens to be on the night of the Lightwood dinner.

Raphael gets a call that his sister has finally passed. Isabelle comes to comfort him and she offers to be there at Rosa’s funeral in the day, since he can’t go. They cut off their meeting briefly when he gets a little close to her very-biteable arm.

While Luke and Ollie (Alexandra Ordolis), who now knows about the Shadowhunter world, are trying to figure out who The Owl is, she admits that she told her girlfriend, Sam, about the world as well, and Luke warns her about the danger she put her girlfriend in by letting her know. She doesn’t seems to truly understand how serious this is, as later on she shows a bit of fangirl-type excitement in the opportunity of meeting the Shadowhunters.

Clary confides in Izzy about Jace’s dreams and hypothesis about Jonathan being The Owl, and Izzy decides to join Jace and Clary instead of going to the family dinner as well.

Alec is cooking. Alec is cooking!

Unfortunately, it’s not very good and Magnus “warlocks” the stew while Alec is talking to Izzy who he finds has opted out. Nothing can be done about it now, as Maryse is at the door, but oddly enough, when Maryse enters, the first person she hugs is Magnus, not even hesitating, even smiling and calling them “My boys!”

Simon goes to see a mourning (poor guy is actually crying) Raphael to find out if the Mark has anything to do with him being a Daylighter, but Raphael is not in the mood and tries to attack him when Simon is insistent on finding out more. Of course, as with what happened to the wolf pack, Simon’s mark throws him against the wall.

Maryse and Magnus are having a surprisingly pleasant time conversing. After some light banter, Maryse does tell them that due to Malachi’s coup, the Clave is back to investigating former Circle members, and Maryse has already been classified as a traitor and will be stripped of her runes. Alec is understandably upset, especially when the others haven’t been exiled and that Robert has been reassigned to the L.A. Institute instead.

Maryse explains that her actions during the Uprising were worse than the others and that she accepts that the charges against her are just. Alec even proposes that he step down from his position at the Institute, but Maryse tells him how proud his accomplishments have made her and that his decisions will have to be wiser than hers and her generation.

Jace, Clary, and Izzy are inside the club of the fundraising event to search for Jonathan, while

Jace, Clary, and Izzy are at Morgan’s fundraising event, and the doctor that Izzy met at the hospital where Catarina works recognizes and tries to talk to her, but Izzy is trying to keep watch on Morgan. The doctor asks her her number and since she’s trying not to be rude, she gives it to him.

Jace sees Jonathan at the club and he follows him into a storage room. Jonathan taunts him until Jace tries to fight back, and again, it’s just a hallucination of Jonathan. But while he’s distracted with that, Clary and Izzy lose track of Morgan and when they finally find her, The Owl already has gotten hold of her. Morgan runs and Izzy runs after her. The Owl holds Clary by the neck and when she says Jonathan’s name, The Owl seems confused and let’s Clary go before taking off.

The dinner is over and Maryse bids them farewell. In her own way, she apologizes to Magnus for her previous actions and gives a genuine thanks to him for loving Alec. It’s quite sweet.
Simon goes to his place and Luke is there, but Simon already knows that he needs to leave. He tells a regretful Luke that he’ll be fine.

When the injured Raphael arrives back at the Dumort, an also injured Joshua notifies him that the newborn has escaped. She doesn’t look like a familiar character from previous episodes, and no one has said her name, so that’s a mystery for another episode.

We see Morgan locked up in the Institute’s cell, but in a catatonic state of mind. Clary and Izzy are there, and they don’t know where Jace is. Izzy concludes that The Owl is not Jonathan because when she used her whip on him earlier, The Owl didn’t react to the electrum like it did Jonathan.

So, where is Jace?

The final scene is the real surprise, as we find out The owl is….Jace! He kneels before her in her lair, while Lilith (Anna Hopkins) watches the blood of her victims pour onto a symbol that then pours onto the floor where the real, and very dead, Jonathan in lying.

Review: There were some interesting moments about the episode, including Raphael’s emotional turn as a grieving vampire, Maryse’s surprisingly positive acceptance of Magnus and her subsequent reveal as being exiled and having to get stripped of her runes, which as readers of the books know, is a very painful process. Of course, the final reveal was quite shocking, but not too much of a surprise if you were paying attention. Still, it’ll be exciting to see how this arc continues throughout the season.

Also, what? Not even one Malec kiss? You’d think that last scene between them would’ve warranted at least a small peck.

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