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SHADOWHUNTERS “The Fair Folk” Sneak Peeks

Check out the SHADOWHUNTERS “The Fair Folk” sneak peeks, which show Luke getting a phone call and Izzy confiding in Sebastian.

We’ve already shown you the photos from Shadowhunters episode 2×14, titled “The Fair Folk,” and now we have two sneak peeks from the episode, which has us meeting the Seelie Queen for the first time.

However, Freeform was smart enough not to reveal more of the Seelie Court in the videos below, and instead has given us two scenes that give us an update on what’s up with a couple of the other characters.

In the first one, we see that Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) gets a phone call from someone who apparently wants to help him kill Valentine, but then gets interrupted.

Of course we’re wondering how on earth Luke’s partner Ollie (Alexandra Ordolis) knew where to find him. There’s something up with that girl that we don’t know about yet, and we’re not liking it.

Shadowhunters “The Fair Folk” photos and synopsis

In the second sneak peek, we get this pretty cool scene between Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) and Sebastian (Will Tudor) that makes us wonder what this relationship is becoming, if anything. We don’t like the idea of a Sebastian/Izzy ship, but it seems the writers have no qualms about shipping whoever they want with whoever else. (*cough* Jaia *cough*) Still, loving these two actors!

“The Fair Folk” airs on Monday, June 26th at 8pm on Freeform.

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