The Shadowhunters series finale has come and gone. What an amazing ride it’s been! Tying up the loose ends and answering long-forgotten questions, Shadowhunters sure gave us a finale to remember.


So if you’re too busy to watch the season finale (or you just prefer the cliff notes,) just know that the big bad villains of the series were defeated once and for all and the Shadowhunters finally got their happy ending… mostly.

Thanks to the actress’s shooting schedule on another project, Maia (Alisha Wainwright), isn’t featured in the finale much. However, she kicks things off with a heartwarming speech to Simon (Alberto Rosende) about letting people know you love them before it’s too late. This leads to a slightly rushed but monumental moment in the episode: Simon Lewis and Izzy Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia) finally kiss!

Unfortunately, Izzy bursts into flames directly after. It turns out that the shrapnel from Glorious imbued her with Heavenly Fire and every time she touches something demonic (including anyone with demon blood, like Simon,) she runs the risk of Heavenly Fire consuming her whole body and killing her.

Isabelle, however, knows just how desperately Alec (Matthew Daddario) wants to get Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) back from Edom, the demon realm that the latter sacrificed himself to in order to close the rift. She convinces Meliorn (Jade Haussone) to grant her access to Edom through a Seelie portal– Not the best idea when you’re basically allergic to demons. The faerie has a guilty conscience and tells the rest of the New York Institute shortly after her departure. In the middle of all the shock, Clary (Katherine McNamara) envisions a new rune that will temporarily align Shadowhunters and Downworlders, allowing the Nephilim access to a demon realm.

Through the Alliance rune, Alec is paired up with Lorenzo Rey (Javier Munoz), who he rescues from a reptilian existence in Magnus’ apartment. Clary is teamed up with Simon. Jace (Dominic Sherwood) is teamed up with Meliorn. Alec gets access to magic, Clary gets vamp speed, and Jace gets– the total inability to lie, in hilarious fashion. The three teams are dropped into different parts of Edom but once there, Jace and Meliorn find Isabelle while the others find Magnus. But Isabelle also finds Lilith (Anna Hopkins)– the demon queen supercharging herself and gathering an army– and is ready to destroy her for good.

The whole gang comes together just as Lilith charges them. Magic and arrows are useless, but Isabelle unleashes enough Heavenly Fire to destroy Lilith. The fire overtakes her, but her friends risk their lives by connecting with her and each taking on a portion of the Heavenly Fire. Eventually, the angelic fire bursts out of them and into the air, effectively destroying Edom. Magnus portals them out of the realm just as it crumbles.

After destroying Edom, the Shadowhunters returned to New York where Magnus and Alec decide to finally tie the knot. In true Malec fashion, they decide to do it that very day and do it in The Institute, forcing The Clave to not only acknowledge but celebrate their union.

Meanwhile, under the watchful eye of the Praetor Lupus, Luke (Isaiah Mustafa) takes the world’s last vial of the Heavenly Fire serum and gets a surprise result: He turns back into a Shadowhunter. The Praetor wants to use him as a spy, but Luke offers to work openly between the two organizations instead and (because this is the finale and we can’t draw things out,) they agree.

Of course, it is the Shadowhunters world, so not everything was rainbows and butterflies. After the Edom success, Clary is visited by the spirit of her mother, who tells her that Angel Raziel wants her to stop creating her own runes as it goes against the natural order. The consequence? She will lose her powers and memories forever if she creates just one more rune. Meanwhile, Jonathan (Luke Baines) has killed the Seelie Queen and is on a deadly rampage, going from Institute to Institute in every major city and killing all the Shadowhunters inside.

Here’s the real issue: Clary finally knows how to defeat Jonathan when she confronts him outside the Institute in Toronto (where the show is actually shot)… and it involves an original rune. She defies Raziel’s orders and makes a final rune to trick to inevitably destroy Jonathan.

Sadly, despite ‘saving the world’, Clary was forced to deal with the consequences which meant losing her memories and Shadowhunter identity. She makes it through Malec’s beautiful wedding ceremony, which left us all sort of emotional.

Clary then has touching moments with the likes of Simon and Maryse at the reception, then has a goodbye dance with Jace filled with declarations of love… all as her runes slowly disappear and no one seems to notice.

As her sight rune goes, Clary rushes out of The Institute and once she’s outside, her memories vanish. In essence, her sentimental goodbyes to her best friend and fellow Shadowhunters were almost a goodbye to the show itself. *cue the waterworks*

And after all this, we get a one-year time jump where everyone is moving on with their lives. Alec is revealed to be the new Inquisitor and Magnus is the High Warlock of Alicante. Isabelle is the new head of the New York Institute. Simon, still a vampire, is writing a series of books called Unseen World: The Divine Implements— a charming nod to Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments— and Maia Roberts is still leading her werewolf pack as well as running Taki’s Diner, a Downworlder restaurant that is also a nod to the books.

Jace is working as the fight trainer for the Institute and admittedly still watching Clary, glamoured from Mundane sight and from a distance. Despite the advice from the others, he can’t let her go and he knows he can never love again.

Most importantly though, Clary is living the life she had before the Shadow World– She’s a talented art student. And her latest abstract painting looks A LOT like the background of Malec’s wedding!

At one of Clary’s art shows, Jace gets bold and gets up close to her with his glamour rune activated. But then– Clary sees him. The moment brings us back to Episode 1 when Jace first bumps into Clary. She sees him, even when she’s not supposed to.

Jace hurries out of the art show in a panic, but Clary follows him into the alley. She insists she knows him even though she doesn’t know where from and then does something totally unexpected: She says his name. Smiling is all Jace can do not to crumble as she “introduces” herself.

The last thing she does? Asks about Jace’s “tattoos” aka runes, opening her back up to a life in the Shadow World.

And so ends our beloved show. Co-showrunner Todd Slavkin told TV Line:

“It’s really our way of showing that Clary and Jace’s love is stronger than the angels. That’s why we pulled up [towards the sky]at the end… My hope is that the fans are really moved. All of us were moved. We thought it was a cool way to do it. You see a spark getting lit.”

And so my friends, we’ve now come to the end of the Shadowhunters. It’s been quite the journey with similar but mismatched endings compared to the books, but it’s been an amazing journey.

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  1. It is so very sad 😥 that Shadowhunters is at an end. I truly enjoyed every minute of every season. I really wish it wasn’t over. I will sincerely miss it.

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