SHADOWHUNTERS Gives First Look At The Silent Brothers

The Silent Brothers make their first appearance in new images from the SHADOWHUNTERS set!

They may be the wisest and most powerful ancient beings among the Nephilim, but let’s face it– The Silent Brothers from The Mortal Instruments series are meant to creep you right the hell out. To achieve their extraordinary gifts, they must deform their bodies and quiet some of their human senses. The process leaves them scarred and stitched up and kind of terrifying, despite The Silent Brothers being priest-like in nature. has the exclusive first look at how the upcoming Shadowhunters series will depict The Silent Brothers. And boy, are they unsettling!



We’ve already seen a couple set images of Katherina McNamara and Dominic Sherwood (aka Clary and Jace) in the City of Bones, so we know that The Silent Brothers will make their debut in Episode 2. Since it seems the show is mainly following the plot of the books, the brothers will likely be attempting to unlock the block on Clary’s memories in the scene.

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