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SHADOWHUNTERS Goes Big at NYCC with new trailer and cast announcements

Filming for SHADOWHUNTERS Season 3 has taken a pause as the stars of the show hit the New York ComicCon scene.

If you’re like us and didn’t get a chance to go to this weekend’s New York ComicCon, we’re happy to give you the recently announced news that Freeform has added 10 more episodes to the upcoming third season of Shadowhunters!

Not only that, they’ve announced that Javier Muñoz and Anna Hopkins will be joining the cast as new villains to the season. You may recognize the name Javier Muñoz if you’re familiar with the musical circuit as he recently played the titular character in Hamilton: An American Musical, a role that he started off as an alternate for, behind Lin-Manuel Miranda and which he took full-time in 2016. Munoz will be playing a warlock, but apparently not one friendly to Magnus Bane. Does the song “10 Duel Commandments” come to mind for anyone else?

Canadian-born actress Anna Hopkins has recently been on Arrow and The Flash as recurring character Samantha Clayton. She will be taking the role of Lilith, whom Sebastian aka Jonathan Morgenstern considers his “mother.” You may recalled Sebastian called on her for help with his dying breath after he was stabbed and thrown in the river by Jace. Needless to say, her role should be significant in this third season.

As for Sebastian, yes, Will Tudor will return to reprise his role, though it hasn’t been announced that he’s a season regular, so we can’t be sure how often we’ll be seeing his character.

As for our favorite group of demon hunters, as will all young people, they’ll be going through their fair share of relationship issues to add to the fighting demon stuff.


For Jace and Clary, after getting Jace resurrected by the angel Raziel upon Clary’s request, “They have this secret that they cannot tell,” Katherina McNamara said. That’s certainly going to be a problem for the rest of the Shadowhunters.

For Magnus and Alec, Matthew Daddario stated that, “He’s just getting into the more complex aspects of his relationship with Magnus. I’m concerned for him.” Fans will always want for more when it comes to these two.

And for single Luke, Isaiah Mustafa confesses, “It’s a heck of a hangover.” Let’s hope he sobers up real soon.

Season 3 of Shadowhunters will premiere on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 8pm on Freeform.


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