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SHADOWHUNTERS Recap & Review: “Hail and Farewell”

So, we know from last week’s Shadowhunters, Clary and the gang now know that Sebastian is actually Jonathan, and they’re after him big time. Of course, this kinda makes Jonathan even more outwardly crazy, as he screams and punches a wall several times to show his anger. (Gotta say, it’s pretty comical seeing grown men throw temper tantrums. This is no exception.) Valentine shows his fatherly love by berating him for being made and not getting the Mortal Mirror.

When Clary, Jace, and Isabelle arrive at his apartment, they finally meet the real Sebastian Verlac in all his dead glory. But Jonathan did even more by putting a demon into the body, forcing them to kill Sebastian…again. *sad face*

Poor real Sebastian!


Alec, Jace, and Clary inform the Inquisitor that the Mortal Mirror is actually Lake Lyn, and suggest that she put guards around the lake.

Meanwhile in Magnus’s apartment, Magnus have Luke and Raphael hear him out about joining the Seelie Queen to set up their own group to kill Valentine. Apparently, she’s offering the entire Downworld protection if Valentine is able to complete his plan and go after all of them. Luke and Raphael don’t like the idea of being her “loyal guests,” but Magnus has already agreed to it for all the warlocks. I’m not really sure I like this Magnus, as it seems he’s partially doing this to piss off Alec, even though I’m sure he does want to protect all warlocks. But still, this isn’t a Magnus I’m too fond of.

With that, the Seelie Queen has arrived with Magnus, Luke, and Raphael to Alec’s emergency meeting to speak for all of them. Not cool, dudes! There’s all kinds of tension, what with all of them, sans Simon, being in the room. The Seelie Queen denies their request to work together, but they leave under semi-amicable terms, to search for Valentine on their own terms.

See what I mean about Magnus?!

All kinds of feels are going, with Luke having to explain himself to Clary, and Raphael explaining himself, and apologizing, again, to Isabelle. And, of course, the unhappy stares between Alec and Magnus.

At the Jade Wolf, Maia is the established leader when Alpha Luke is not around, which puts some tension between her and Rufus, but all is well as she tries to be somewhat calming to the group, including the newly turned Bat Velasquez. Also, Simon and Maia make it official that they are dating in a cute moment, right before Clary interrupts their conversation.

What a cute moment!

All’s good between Climon now, so Clary asks Simon to talk to the Seelie Queen to try to change her mind, which we know he’ll agree to.

At Magnus’, we finally see young Madzie again, and we meet Catarina Loss! No, she’s not blue-skinned (as described in the books, and she would be since she’s not ashamed of her non-mundane color,) but she’s still helping mundanes in the hospital, and is a person of color. Kinda wishing they put more effort into making these warlocks look less mundane, and making blue skin happen. *sigh*

Catarina Loss!

Valentine reveals to Jonathan that he has a spy in Alicante, and that spy sent him a fire message revealing that Lake Lyn is the Mortal Mirror. Wow, that secret lasted a whole 15 minutes. So, when they try to force their captured warlock to create a portal to Idris, he explains that there’s no way to get out of New York with the special wards put up around NYC, which we later find out was done by the warlocks per the Seelie Queen’s orders.

Simon meets up with the Seelie Queen, per Clary’s request, who suddenly looks amazingly like that girl from Modern Family, as she has changed her appearance (something she hinted that she could do earlier this season.) Yep, Sarah Hyland finally makes her guest appearance! She offers Simon to join her, but he sees what she really wants and staunchly denies her offer, again, despite her position. He doesn’t seem too concerned about it.

And she wants a Daylighter!

Luke informs Clary and Jace about the wards around the city that could kill any nephilim trying to enter or exit, luckily, and Alec lets Clary and Jace know that Valentine knows about the real Mortal Mirror being Lake Lyn. Who told?!

It’s at this time that Clary gets a helpful angelic vision and so gets some alone time with Jace on the premise that she needs Jace’s assistance to locate Jonathan as they both have that special angelic connection. Basically, Clary, and we, gets some gratuitous shirtless Jace time, which somehow looks more sensual than it should probably look as they get really close to each other! But hey, we’re not complaining. No, really, we’re not. They’re all glowy and pretty and everything!


At a cemetery to obtain weapons, Jonathan knows that they’ve been found, and Valentine convinces Jonathan, right before he’s about to throw another temper tantrum, to stay behind to prevent them from coming after him as he goes to Idris, promising Jonathan that he’ll come back for him. The gang finally gets to the cemetery later that night and has to battle it out with some Forsaken (mundanes turned demonic due to rune forced on them).

They fight like girls. Yeah!

Jace and Jonathan battle it out alone on a bridge. Jonathan almost kills Jace in sword combat, stabbing Jace in the lung, but Izzy arrives just in time to distract him, and Jace makes a fatal stab at Jonathan right before pushing him off a bridge and watching his body float away in the river below. Sure, yeah. He’s dead…because when a body floats away after a stab to the heart (supposedly), it’s pretty much a guarantee that he’s dead.

The battle of the J.C.’s

In the infirmary, Clary finally confesses, tearfully, that she doesn’t want to lose Jace. So, do they make out? Hell, yeah, they do! Finally! And we’re loving Clace so much!

More, please!

But that’s not the end, folks, because Maia has been kidnapped by the Seelie Queen. I guess the Queen really wasn’t too happy about Simon’s rejection. The final scene shows Valentine meeting up with the Queen to make a deal, which at first she scoffs at, until he whispers something in her ear. It seems the Queen isn’t so determined to kill Valentine anymore.


Obviously, these final scenes are setting up for the big finale next week, and we are so looking forward to it! Who’s going to live? Who’s going to die? Who’s the spy in Idris? Is Jonathan really dead? What will happen to Maia? What did Valentine whisper to the Queen? Will Magnus and Alec get back together? When are we getting more shirtless Jace? We need to know all these things!

Let us know your thoughts on this episode.

By Kait

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