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SHADOWHUNTERS Casts Helen Blackthorn, New Seelie Queen

Just because SHADOWHUNTERS is going to end soon doesn’t mean that this cast and crew is done surprising us.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Kimberly-Sue Murray, and Sydney Meyer will also be joining in the final hunt alongside fellow newcomer Luke Baines, who was previously announced as the new, true face of Jonathan Morgenstern. Eager to see who they’ll be playing in the Shadowhunters world? Here’s the 411.

Kimberly-Sue Murray: The Seelie Queen

Shadowhunters - Meet The New Faces Coming To Shadowhunters In 2019 - 1004

The only thing you need to know about the Seelie Queen is that she can’t be trusted. We learned in season two that she can change her age at whim and rumor has it that we’ll see her doing it again in this last season. Don’t want to wait that long? Here’s a sneak peek into her majesty.

Murray will be playing a newer, older version of the character– who can change her appearance at will– after Lola Flannery, the previous Seelie Queen, exited to star as Maddie on The 100. Sarah Hyland also guest-starred as the character in one episode.

Sydney Meyer: Helen Blackthorn

Shadowhunters - Meet The New Faces Coming To Shadowhunters In 2019 - 1006

We’ll also finally be introduced to fan favorite Helen Blackthorn. Since the show has proven that while it tries to follow the books closely, it does take great liberty in changing things up to keep us fans on our toes. So who knows which side this half faerie, half Shadowhunter, will be on.

Helen’s girlfriend (and later wife) in the book series, Aline Penhallow, was introduced on the show in Season 2. She’s portrayed by Eileen Li.

Shadowhunters - Meet The New Faces Coming To Shadowhunters In 2019 - 1007

Let us know in the comments which character you’re most excited to see in this last season of Shadowhunters.


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