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SHADOWHUNTERS Recap and Review – “How Are Thou Fallen”

This week’s episode of SHADOWHUNTERS reveals the problem with Iron Sister Cleophas, as well as more Simon and Jace interaction!

It’s Shadowhunters time, and Sister Cleophas goes walking around the streets of New York City in a hooded robe, unnoticed until she reaches Valentine’s lair. It seems she’s always believed in Valentine’s cause and wants to help, so of course she’s going to tell Val about Clary’s ability to create runes. Man, that secret didn’t even last one episode, and Val knows.

Valentine is later talking to an old man, who is chained up. He tells the man that it’s futile to warn Clary since he holds the Soul Sword, and tells him to leave her alone. So, when was this old guy bothering Clary?  Enter next scene…

Meanwhile, Clary is in the Institute when she starts to hear a loud, distorted sound, but doesn’t know what it is and no one else seems to have heard it. Hmmm….

Time for some Malec, because now that their relationship is official, we need it.  Alec and Magnus portal into Magnus’ apartment, apparently returning from having sushi in Tokyo. Seriously! Alec gifts Magnus with an omamori, a Japanese amulet or charm that’s supposed to give luck and protection. Awww, how sweet, right?  Yeah, it is, and it would’ve been sweeter, if we didn’t hear a woman’s laughter coming from the room Jace is staying in.

Simon’s at the boathouse getting dressed when Clary stops by. Clary, wipe that drool off your face! They’re just abs… a nice, six-pack of them, but still! Anyway, Simon has a date with Maia, but he notices that Clary has something on her mind and is willing to postpone the date for her. Clary tells him it’s fine and she has to go since the Bat signal— I mean the Angelic rune— shows up on her mobile screen.

Alec and Magnus are making out when Alec is also being called back to the Institute, having to stop their makeout session. All around collective sigh.

But Alec isn’t going just yet, because next we see shirtless Jace in bed with a shirtless (and everything else) female seelie. Alec tells Jace to man-up and go back to the Institute with him, but Jace is not budging, even when Alec says that he’s turning his back on his family, including sister Clary. Jace doesn’t want a reminder about Clary. Y’know, because he’s still hot for her and that isn’t too cool when the person you’re hot for is your own sister.

So, of course Alec and Clary express their concerns about their brother. Brother! Isabelle briefs them on the Citadel being breached, Iron Sister Magdalena being killed and Sister Cleophas gone. Things go downhill for Clary when Izzy calls her out on the secret rune thingy. Izzy isn’t thinking rationally, of course, because that yin fen has gotten hold of her for sure! She leaves and goes into Aldertree’s office for more yin fen, but there’s no more left. The withdrawal effects are getting stronger.

We know that Cleophas is up to something. How? Well, she cuts into her side voluntarily, creating a shallow, but bloody wound. But let’s go back to Magnus…

At the Hunter’s Moon, the pub where Maia works. Maia asks about the omamori he’s holding, and Magnus confesses that the gifter might be special. Yeah, we know…we just want to see more of that! Coincidentally, Izzy enters the same place to ask a guy named Rufus for yin fen. But before the deal can be made, Magnus interrupts and essentially reminds Rufus that he’s still banned from being in North America.

Banned. Haha!

Izzy tells Magnus that she’s been ordered to find who’s providing yin fen as there’s been a spike of its use. Ya think?! Magnus seems hesitant, but accepts her explanation, and talks about how yin fen almost cost his friend Jem his life.

Jem!!!!!! Fellow fans of The Infernal Devices, high five moment!

Interestingly, we fin out that that yin fen is made from vampire venom, which seems to give Izzy an idea. Magnus warns her to be careful.

Clary is with Luke at the Jade Wolf and she tells him about meeting his sister Cleophas and how she was able to create a rune. Luke warns Clary that Cleophas cannot be trusted because she was a member of the Circle.

Simon arrives at the Hunter’s Moon two hours early. Excited, are we? Maia tells him to have a seat and hang out. Izzy is still there when he comes in and she awkwardly suggests that Simon bite her, to which Simon is disturbed by. Izzy plays it off as a joke, though, and takes off.

Jace arrives at Hunter’s Moon as well (what a very coincidental evening this has been so far) and decides to help Simon try to pick up girls, or at least hook up with them. Simon says no at first, but when he glances at Maia as she’s working, he changes his mind.

At the Jade Wolf, Luke and Clary are talking with Alaric when Cleophas enters the Jade Wolf, bleeding and pleading for Luke’s help. Cleophas says that Valentine entered the Citadel, killed Magdalena, and kidnapped her. See how she lies?! Luke doesn’t believe her. Clary doesn’t either, but she wants to use this chance to get to Valentine and stop him, but Luke refuses and says they’re going to take Cleophas to the Institute.

Simon shows Jace his approach to women, which is hella hilarious. “Lewis. Simon. Lewis.”  Jace tries to school him and even glamours himself to look like Simon while getting a girl’s number with ease.

Isabelle looks a little worse for wear at the Institute. When Alec enters and asks where she’s been, she tells him about having to search for rogue vampire dens on Aldertree’s orders. He asks if she’s okay, but she just says she’s tired and changes the subject to what he wanted to talk about with her from an earlier message she received from him.

Alec asks her about taking the next step with Magnus – having sex. She realizes that Alec is still a virgin, but she’s understanding and gives him loving advice- even while she’s still dealing with her withdrawal- and not to overthink things and just go for it if that’s what he wants. You go, boy!

Luke is about to take Cleophas to the Institute, but Clary tases him and she and Cleophas take off.

Simon makes a fool of himself trying to act like Jace, but Maia sees right through it and leaves, leaving a regretful Simon behind.

Alec arrives at Magnus’ place and takes the aggressive approach and kisses Magnus. Magnus is surprised, but Alec tells him he wants to take the next step. Magnus isn’t sure about this. Alec assures him this is what he wants kisses him again, leading them both to Magnus’ bedroom. Whoa! So, are we not getting a shirtless Magnus and Alec now? Seems only fair since we already got one of Jace and Simon. Riiight?

Luke finds Jace at Hunter’s Moon and although Jace is keeping company with three seelies, Luke tells him that Clary’s in trouble, they’re both out the door without another word said. Whoosh!

Clary is with Cleophas on their way to Valentine when Clary hears the noise again. She first blames Cleophas and Valentine, but when Cleophas has Clary hear what she’s hearing, Cleo says it’s an angel on earth crying for help. Cleophas believes that Valentine is holding the angel captive, and she’s devastated.

We see Valentine dragging the chained up old man, or should we say the angel Ithuriel, across the floor. He tells him they will right all the wrongs. What? So Valentine is planning on making Shadowhunters great again?

Cleophas tells Clary she’s been blessed by the angels, being able to communicate with one. Clary confronts her about working with Valentine and killing Magdalena. Cleo confesses to believing in Valentine’s purpose, but she knows that holding and harming an angel goes against everything she believes in. She believes that Valentine’s plan with Ithuriel is to use him during the storm to activate the Soul-Sword. Not sure how that works, but hey, that’s what she said.

Luke and Jace find them, but Clary tells them they need her.

Elsewhere, near some vampire den, Isabelle has found a group of vampires and tells them there’s something she needs. The vampire leader smiles. Yeah, we’re preeetty sure Izzy has a drug problem.

Maia is at the Jade Wolf and Simon enters to apologize, with a collector’s edition of Blade Runner. She knows that Simon is still in love with Clary, even before she heard his conversation with Jace. She suggests that he just tell Clary.

Cleophas brings Luke to Valentine and they battle it out while Clary and Jace look for Ithuriel. They find him on the roof with three Circle members and they have to battle it out. After they killed the Circle members, Ithuriel communicates to Clary of another rune to help break the chains binding him.

Once the chains break, Ithuriel has them each hold one of his hands and shows them an image. That of a sword thrown into the ground, then of a black, cracked, pointy-nailed hand almost grasping the sword at the hilt, and when contact is made, both the sword and the robed body dissolved.

Ithuriel flies back up to Heaven. Yay!

By Nat, the Geek Girl

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